Market Master Software


Market Master is a very powerful piece of software if you know how to use it. One wants to be in a position to make a decision (quickly) to BUY,HOLD or SELL a share. In order to effectively use the software it is important to attend a properly structured course. I have been using the software since 1998 and I provide a comprehensive course of 2 FULL days of training, so that a user becomes familiar with many of the features of the software.

There is little point in purchasing the software and then not using it efficiently. Prime Charts provide a Comprehensive Manual and Help Menus, but by attending these courses your knowledge of the software will be enhanced significantly in fairly short time period. The user will be kicked over many hurdles and will learn many little "tricks" which will increase your knowledge of how to navigate through many of the features of the software.

The course dates are published on my website (see Training Dates sub menu), and should you be keen to really make the software work for you, I suggest contact us to book you into a course. The courses are split into Level 1 and Level 2 and it is advisable to complete Level 1, take a couple of weeks to familiarize yourself with the material covered, before attending Level 2. Before Level 1, I can assist you with some material to cover, so you have some basics under your belt, in preparation for training.

The courses are normally held in Port Elizabeth and are now available Live On-Line on a pre-booked basis.

See Price List for details of Costs.